1. Now someone take the pencils away please.

    Sailor Moon Doctors one to Shalka ^^ I’ll do the new!Who ones as soon as I figure out how to draw nine’s hair that means: never   I tried to make their outfit colors similar to their real ones and their magic gadgets have something to do with their character and stuff ^^’  See if you can guess them ;)


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    Posting for Sailor Shalka Doctor! and classic Sailor Doctors… But mostly for the Shalka.
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    Just now I received a link to this post with the message: Jon insisted i send this to you. For… reasons. So now we know....
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    D’awww…. socute!!
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    Whaaaaaat nice.
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    Rule 63. There’s always a female version of a male character. No exceptions. Rule 63.1 Everyone always ends up in a...
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    aghlsfhdsflh polarity

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