1. What exactly were you two doing?

  2. What's your favorite thing?

    thing? erm… I don’t know I don’t have a favorite thing… maybe my laptop? I mean, I can write, draw and communicate with it, what more do you need… and maybe my oldest stuffed toy, but that doesn’t count?

  3. I think I’ve got enough bullshit for today, I don’t even remember when I last felt this utterly done with everyone’s bullshit and it’s not even like anyone personally told me stuff… wow

  4. What type of tree would you like to be?

    I think I’d love to be an oak or a cherry tree, a Japanese one. we have so many of them growing around here, pretty and pink and the petals are pretty T_T we have a … hybrid tree down the street. Cherry, but it looks like white and pink merged together, depending on branches and it’s so pretty… hm

  5. asparklethatisblue:


    Hello dear followers, those who come across this post by accident or those who are actually looking for art commissions 

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  6. When have you felt your geekiest?

    probably the moment I was at HobbitCon and thought ‘I literally have never been happier in my life, I’ve literally have never felt happier for this much at a time’ 

  7. watching OitnB and I’ve never seen this many women who’re awesome in one show. also, I was grumbling about the lack of possible femslash ships (because there’s often not enough women, or they have no chemistry, or they’re sisters…), and here… paradise 

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