1. Now put the keys back

  2. starting the in the flesh AU might have been wrong… I have the need to try and write characters with motivations that are at least understandable, even if they’re wrong, but I have no idea how to write the ableism and discrimination of the ItF world… yeay. I also can’t bring myself to make any of the company act that way, all of them have actual reasons for any prejudice so far;;;

  3. glitteringgimli:


    "Of Maeglin"

    I finally finished it I can’t believe how much focus it took to sit down and finish it after many failed attempts.

    Anyways, Maeglin in the middle, his parents Aredhel and Eöl on the left, and his cousin Idril with her husband Tuor on the right. 

    new stuff~

  4. peppercrow:

i drew some undead boyfriends


    i drew some undead boyfriends

  5. ledamemangociana:




    please stop making trailers with fading effect….it’s terrible to gif it.


    will my husband ever return from war?




  6. pstt hey do you use references when drawing your nsfw? it's like i want to be able to draw without some but some poses are kinda...ehh....

    I have one smutty picture I used an actual reference for completely, but usually… not so much? I do it more for certain parts, like, how would a person’s arm look bent like that, or things like that? sometimes I see pictures of people just hugging and I think, ‘oh, I can use the way they hold their arms for smutty context’. 

    I’m sorry, I’m not of much help when it comes to smutty art advice;;

  7. myuntreatedstate:

    • dresses like an 85 yr old grandpa
    • flirts like a 12 yr old girl


  8. well with the antisemitism it wasn't on purpose and i'm sure not done with malice but that's how prejudice works, it doesn't always mean bad intent. in the book they were there to show how much better bilbo was than them, they were always incompetent and then tolkien kills three of them off as punishment in the story. just the association of greed with jews leaves a bad taste in my mouth and i am getting annoyed with all the fics of gandalf or bilbo preaching about how greedy dwarves.

    yeah, I nope out of a fic pretty quickly if it’s just Bilbo or Gandalf talking shit about Dwarves as if it’s all right.

    as I said earlier today, I think the death of the Durins was more of a ‘the best die in war’ thing as Tolkien fought in the first world war and too many young boys went and died there. 

  9. Nori is totally not all not even a little bit in love. at all. based on something themarchrabbit said during headcanon-exchange :’3

  10. nowitsaparty:

    Artist woes #167: even when I intend to draw fully clothed people, I start out drawing them naked to get a feel for the shapes and volume of the body I am drawing which works well for me but it comes at the cost of wanting to keep EVERYBODY NAKED ALL THE TIME ALWAYS FOREVER

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